The search for service providers for sending samples of raw materials on an ongoing basis

Dear suppliers!
CENTER FOR PROFESSIONAL PURCHASES ( in the interests of “TRAU NUTRISHYN Ukraine” LLC (EDRPOU 37018799) conducts the selection of international express transportation service providers for 2023:

  1. General / commercial information:
    • Necessary service: Sending samples of raw materials on a permanent basis, from Vinnytsia to the MasterLab laboratory, in Boxmeer (Netherlands), the weight of each sample is up to 0.5 kg.
    • Type of purchase: 1st stage – collection of offers, 2nd stage of auction
    • Type of contract: Framework agreement for 2023
    • Price type – the cost of one service, it is possible to link the cost to the euro.
    • Contract currency: UAH. without VAT
    • Places of delivery: from Vinnytsia, Ukraine to the MasterLab laboratory, to Boxmeer (Netherlands),
    • Terms of payment: Various options are considered
    • Estimated order date: as needed
    • Contract – Possible Contract of the counterparty, subject to approval/signing of the anti-corruption application (file in attachment)
  2. Product specification
    The raw material that we send to the laboratory of the Netherlands in the city of Boxmeer belongs to group I Live animals; products of animal origin, UKTZED (Ukrainian classification of goods for foreign economic activity) – Code 05 – Other products of animal origin, not elsewhere specified or not included Group II Products of plant origin, Codes: Cereals – Products of the flour-milling and semolina industry; malt; starches; inulin; wheat gluten, seeds and fruits of oil plants; other seeds, fruits and grains; technical or medicinal plants; straw and fodder, Plant materials for the manufacture of wicker products; other products of vegetable origin, not specified elsewhere
    List of raw materials with UKTZED codes, which is most often sent: 2306300000 Sunflower meal, 2304000000 Soybean meal, 2304000000 soybean cake, 2301100000 Meal flour, 2301200000 Fish flour, 040404100200 fodder: 2302109000 corn silage and other silages. Amino acids: 2309909690 Lysine sulfate 70%/ Lysine, 2922498500 Valine/ Valine, 2922500090 Threonine/ Threonine, 2930409000 Methionine, 2933998000 Tryptophan, Premixes, 23 09909610 PremixBR-2/premix
  3. Requirements for suppliers:
    • Pick up samples at the plant in the city of Vinnytsia, the village of Kordelivka, according to the request, within 2 days
    • Preparation and execution of all accompanying documents
    • Delivery organization
    • Provision of acts of provision of services
    • Acceptance of the Customer’s anti-corruption programs in the customer’s editorial office
  4. Additional information:
    • In case of questions and clarifications, contact: Viktoriya Chverkalyuk, import manager| Procurement Department, +38 (0) 44 536 93 93, +38 (0) 50 352 91 83,
    • Approximate date of purchase order issued to successful bidders (tenders): as requested
  5. Method of submission:
    • Fill out the form using the link –
    • Send to the mail – the name of the specialist responsible for the work, who will have access to the office for submitting price offers.
  6. The winner of the auction provides the Customer within 7 days to Nova Poshta, LLC “TRAU NUTRISHYN UKRAINE”, EDRPOU 37018799, Kalynivka, (Vinnytsia region, Khmilnytskyi district), branch #1, 050 344 40 48, Shcherbakova Yuliya Valeriivna:
    • The contract for the supply of property, signed on its part, in the version of the Customer
    • number of 2 copies;
    • A copy of the extract from the unified state register of legal entities and individuals –
    • entrepreneurs as of the current month or a copy of the state certificate
    • registration of a legal entity and an individual entrepreneur.
    • A copy of the certificate from the Unified State Register of Enterprises of Ukraine (issued
    • statistics management).
    • A copy of the certificate of registration as a taxpayer. (Form 4-OPP)
    • A copy of the VAT registration certificate.
    • A copy of the last registered edition of the Charter
    • A copy of the protocol/order or other document on the appointment of persons,
    • authorized to sign contracts.
    • Bank details.
    • Balance sheet or statement of net assets as of the last reporting date
    • Certificate from the bank about opening an account.

The choice of the final decision on concluding a counterattack will be made by the Customer Company, in accordance with the provided documents, reference letters, and the price offer (it is planned to select no more than 5 suppliers with whom framework agreements will be concluded).