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Our goal is to buy for you at the prices of global corporations

Leontiev Maxim Managing Partner of BuyPro
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Conducting effective procurement

We purchase goods and services at the prices and terms of global corporations, faster and more reliable at the expense combining volumes of goods and services into one lot, and conducting auctions for over competitive tenders playgrounds

Unification and standardization of goods and services

We conduct regular market research, find the best global solutions and practices to meet according to the needs of your companies, which allows you to keep up with world trends.

Support of performance of contracts

We provide full support for the implementation of contracts, resolve all current issues and complaints, conduct evaluation of suppliers, which is then used in the evaluation of proposals.

Reduce procurement costs

Working with us will reduce the costs of your company by 30% due to staff optimization warehouse, reduction of warehouse balances and increase of deferral of payment from suppliers.

Join the network of effective procurement

Choice of categories.

From the available categories, select the ones that interest your company.

Receive messages

Receive notifications of new tenders according to Selected Categories. You will receive a message about placing a new tender in selected categories at the post office and personal account.

Submit proposals through the Cabinet.

In the office you see all the criteria for evaluating proposals, the timing of the tender. Through the office you submit proposals, and have the opportunity to challenge the actions of buyers or tender conditions.

Signing a contract through the office

Through the online chat office, you agree on contracts and specifications

Receive purchase orders through the office

Through the office you receive purchase orders, agree on delivery times and prices.

Join the Effective Procurement Network by filling out the form

Fill in the form
Submit purchase requisitions

Through the Buyer's office you create applications, specifying the names of goods and services, indicative cost and desired delivery time and other essential terms of purchase. Once agreed, you can see the stage at which is the placed application.

Obtaining a tender decision

After Buy Pro conducts the tender procedure, and you receive your own evaluation of the tender decision the protocol of the auction on final coordination where you can see all actions of buyers at carrying out procedures.

Obtaining a contract agreement

After agreeing on the Buy Pro tender protocol, I will create a contract passport that includes the contract or an additional agreement and specification, and launches the procedure for its final approval through procurement system and online chat.

Receive an agreed vendor order

Buy Pro forms the order for the supplier, according to the tender decision and the contract, agrees terms supplies the quantity and prices of goods and services, and passes it on to you for final approval.

Resolve all issues when ordering

After your order is approved, the Buy Pro manager accompanies the delivery until it closes, resolving all issues related to the quality and quantity of goods and services, completeness of documents and other issues.

Contract Performance Assessment

After completing the procedure, Buy Pro evaluates the fulfillment of the order by the supplier, and further takes this information into account when working with this provider.